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Carnival is Over

Carnival is Over

True Investigation 4

Colección: True Investigation 4
Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Páginas: 58
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Bastard cops, terrorists, thieves, drug addicts, secret agencies, Chauen's tabor, the legion, bankers, spies and street singers; a mountain of money and a chase in search of truth, retribution or revenge.

Can you avoid Carnival?

July 9, 1984. Monday. The Spanish Administration begins to study specific plans for naval restructuring. The new education law and the entry into NATO put pressure on the government. In the street, the crisis continues. In the early hours of the morning someone has robbed the Mint and taken three hundred million dollars.

The characters find themselves at the same time in an abandoned warehouse. There are fifty million pesetas in banknotes in a recently opened van, with a corpse and a mountain of questions.

Someone is planting evidence on them to make them look guilty. If they don't hurry, they will end up behind bars again.

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