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Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl

True Investigation 3

Colección: True Investigation 3
Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Páginas: 56
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This is number three of True Investigators. Fifty-two pages, three maps, five pre-generated Agents and thirty-six million suspects, all ready for you to rack your brains.

And at the end, it sure won't leave you unmoved.

Who killed Marina Santander?

Pretty Girl is a case for Special Agency that develops the investigations of the murder of a young actress in Madrid in 1977. There are several suspects of having killed the young woman, but all of them will have a firm alibi. Some police officers will take the suicide version, but doubts will soon arise: Why would a promising actress commit suicide? With no hard evidence against anyone, friends, journalists, politicians, spies, assassins, military and police have their own ideas and orders and will interfere in the investigation led by the agents, while suspicions of a larger conspiracy loom over the investigation.

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