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The Omega Web

The Omega Web

The Omega Web I

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Half a dozen maps, thirty characters with sheets and two hundred and thirty-six pages present this first volume in a series of two, which make up the second largest Special Agency campaign. A continuation of The Series, it is a book that can be played independently and provides hundreds of hours of paranormal investigation and combat.


Who says you can't kill them?

The Omega Web is a campaign for the tabletop role-playing game Special Agency. This is its first volume. Within its pages you will find a far-reaching conspiracy that pits sinister aliens and secret organizations against each other. The operatives of The Omega Web are integrated into The Agency, one of those organizations, which watches to keep humanity away from paranormal, dimensional and alien conflicts.

Players will fight and investigate an interdimensional conflict, while studying their mundane enemies. To do so, they will use all the technological resources at their disposal, transform their bodies and minds, perform esoteric rituals, make pacts with beings alien to humanity and fight the threats looming over the world, to save it once again.

And when they are done, no one will know they did it.

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