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Vietnam (English)

Vietnam (English)

The first issue of the series Genocide and Napalm.

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Páginas: 72
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The first issue of Special Agency's Genocide and Napalm line is dedicated to Vietnam. It is 72 pages, a journey into the bowels of Indochina. MACV-SOG has a mission, and it's one of the usual. Traitors, cascading moral decisions, action, booby traps and an improbable homecoming.

<<The second Tet has had no success, but American morale is at rock bottom. In eero, Richard Nixon has been elected president and a phased withdrawal of troops and a peace with honor has been announced. The Phoenix program is at its peak and the CIA has carte blanche to assassinate.>>

A South Vietnamese army officer is acting as a double agent and is scheduled for arrest or elimination. This is where a specialized CIA group enters the picture.

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