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Cosplay Beauties

Cosplay Beauties

Editorial Alvi Books

Cosplay Beauties I

Colección: Cosplay Beauties I
Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Páginas: 106
ePub libro
ISBN: 9798621653934

Cosplay, a contraction of costume play, is a kind of representative fashion, where participants, also called cosplayers, wear costumes, accessories and costumes that represent a specific character or idea.The Cosplay has a specific cultural approach dedicated to the realistic representation of an idea or a fictional character; It can have different variants depending on the intention and context, usually making a physical and dramatic representation of a character. Among its variants are notably: the representation of anthropomorphic characters, the anthropomorphic adaptation of zoomorphic characters, cross-dressing, the representation of the opposite gender roles and the erotic character.

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