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Area 22

Area 22

The forbidden zone

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 2500
Páginas: 95
ePub cómic
ISBN: 978-84-09-21738-0

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A mysterious aircraft crosses space like a shooting star, coming to herald a new era. Humanity attends impassively to the destruction of its natural environment. The last chance to save biological diversity on the planet is to create a natural reserve to maintain artificially the hope for endangered species. The Earth is at risk and there is no time for a plan B. The future of this project casts serious doubts: Is there still hope for the planet Earth? Will we be able to avoid a mass extinction? Do we have the appropriate technology for the conservation of the species? Will responsibility for the project fall into the right hands? the answer is to be found by the new president of the world's most powerful nation (Julius Spencer) and his chief advisor (General Walters), forced to overcome their differences for the sake of the future of the planet.

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