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From Slave to Businessman – How Did I Create My Own Company

From Slave to Businessman – How Did I Create My Own Company

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 17982
ePub libro
ISBN: 9798215444672

This is the narration of the journey of a desperate man, who is in search of solutions to his multiple economic problems.

After a long process of self-critical reflection, he decides to leave his job to create his own company. And he succeeds, not without first overcoming dozens of obstacles, setbacks and stumbling blocks.

A book written in the form of entertaining and, at times, with funny stories, which describes the steps to follow in the world of entrepreneurship, based on the experiences of its protagonist.

Away from didactic, rigid or academic descriptions, it tells a peculiar story in which its main character is overcoming important and implacable obstacles, until finally arriving at the long-awaited financial independence.

A pleasant way to know how to set up a business and create a source of your own income, putting yourself in the shoes of another who has already achieved it.

This book is dedicated to those who wish to definitely liberate themselves from the yoke of the modern forms of labor slavery of our time, and from the cruel and dramatic uncertainty of unemployment.

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