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The Smile Hunter

The Smile Hunter

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Herbert F. Dunne’s clients thought so; an excellent orthodontist, according to his patients, and highly recommended because of his friendly persona and detailed approach to dentistry. For his nurse: a boss and a friend. For his neighbors: The ideal barbecue guest. For his daughter: A fantastic dad who knows how to have a good time. For his wife: Despite his faults, a charming husband who she wouldn’t change for the world. His lack of empathy of other people’s pain has never affected the family. For the prostitute that he occasionally calls: A twisted client who does no more than take photos of her tied to the clinic chair…

Only timid teenager Alice Edwards, a new patient punished by her brace-laden smile, discovers the dark obsessions, drugs and violence that Dr. Dunne tries to redeem himself from. Could it all be true…?

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