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Yes, I Want. Yes, I Can. The Method.

Yes, I Want. Yes, I Can. The Method.


Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 70000
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1. How to Write Your First Book and Publish It Online.

Dear friend, I have written seventeen books in five years. Considering that each book has about 80,000 words, I have typed approximately 1,360,000, and if we count the ones I have deleted, surely the amount is close to double. Jack Kerouack boasted that he had written a million words, and it is very clear that Jack Kerouack was a great writer. I personally love him. At the time Jack Kerouck wrote his works, mid 20th century, there was no Google Drive, no Amazon, no virtual bookstores, no possibility of publishing your work immediately on the ENTIRE PLANET.

Now you have all that within reach of your index finger. And if you have all the tools, why aren't you using them already?

This book is the fruit of my own experience. From the first sketches of something similar to a novel without any respect for the tempos to the fact that, at present, a new work is published every two months. Of course behind the result there are infinite hours of work, but it is an effort dedicated to something exciting. I always say that the hours of dedication to something I love don't count.

Everything is in your favor.

Let 's go there.

2. 12 Commandments of Independent Self-Publishing

In this essential new guide for writers who publish their books independently, Joan Pont delves into the 12 basic rules that will allow them to reach the goal of a literary career full of achievements and satisfactions.

The world of self-publishing is vast, complicated and inaccessible for many beginning writers and can lead to immense frustration. Only with The 12 Commandments of Independent Self-Publishing will you be able to visualize the right approach from the start and achieve sales and market penetration like you never imagined.



Serie "Yes, I want it. Yes, I can". (Translated into many languages)

1- How to write your first book and publish it online.

2- Essential advice on how to prosper economically in life.

3- Help, my child wants to be a youtuber!

4- The 12 commandments of independent self-publishing.

5- Searching for your Balance. Keys to stoic thinking.

Youth series:

A Pet for Tom (translated into multiple languages).

Find Joan Pont at:



Twitter: @J_P_Johnson


Instagram: j.p.johnson1

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