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When Women Rule the World

When Women Rule the World

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 53834
Páginas: 137
Tamaño: 819 ks
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The novel depicts a matriarchal society where men are used just for work and are deemed as mere sources of seed to beget daughters. But technology will soon make it possible to conceive only females, and machines would do all the work that males do. Many women wonder if it’s time to take the leap towards a New Humanity.

However, someone comes from the future seeking answers, with even more intriguing questions. Where did this society come from? Why do they know nothing about their origins? What happened to the Old Humanity?

Mysteries will unfold in succession, and just when things seem to be clearing up, new, even deeper questions will arise. Finally, to understand what has happened, another journey through time will be necessary, back to the very dawn of Humanity. The explanation will be completely unexpected and will surprise many.

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