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Town of Mucenka

Town of Mucenka

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The city of Mucenka is a shadow.

Maria and Thomas flee to the interior of the forest, where they will create a beautiful family.

One of his sons, Oscar, oblivious to everything on the other side of the splendid and leafy forest that circumscribes the lands of his parents, unawared of his past, will take a decisive step that will change the course of everything he longed in his life.

Everything that his parents did not tell him, with the healthy intention of protecting him, was revealed against the family in an Oscar's slip.

From that tragic moment, the young man had to fight for much more than survival. He struggled to breathe and to be able to think freely.

Many efforts were useless and vain, but there was one that, always, was worth it, until the end:

To learn.

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