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The murder of Patrick Miller

The murder of Patrick Miller

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
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Immerse yourself in a gripping police thriller set in the luxurious residences of Pedralbes. When a young man reports the murder of his wealthy parents, Patrick Miller and his wife, the shrewd Inspector John Pinkerton and his assistant, Sub-Inspector Gastón Figueroa, embark on an investigation that uncovers the dark secrets hidden behind the closed doors of Catalan high society. The Miller mansion becomes a labyrinth of lies, forbidden passions, and dark pleasures. As Pinkerton and Figueroa unravel the truth, they discover that the family is just the tip of the iceberg. Sex, gambling addiction, drugs, voyeurism, and deep-seated hatred weave an intricate web that even members of the Catalan police become entangled in. In this game of deceit and betrayal, the police face a dilemma: can they solve the case before the shadows of the past consume not only the Millers but also those who swore to uphold the law? Immerse yourself in a world where each revelation is more surprising than the last, and where the truth could be the key to redemption or total ruin.

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