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Arioch - Lord of Chaos and Destruction

Arioch - Lord of Chaos and Destruction

The Out of Series 2

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 91681
Páginas: 239
ePub libro
ISBN: 9798223685760

President Gardner has been assassinated, dismembered and his parts stone staked to one of the walls of the Oval Office, but unbelievably that grim scenario is not (nor even close to being) the worst threat facing the United States. An attack of biblical dimensions has wiped out more than a third of the population in the large-scale operation known as "The Day of the Raven." Yet America's weapons and response capabilities are 90% operational, and what's left of the government is asking: why? Who have bulldozed us to rubble but left our offensive responsiveness mostly intact? Who have been responsible? How is it possible that any defense or response system has failed?

The satellites are taken, the communications controlled by the enemy, and the Vice President turns to the only Private Investigator and ex-CIA, Jack Warden, with an impeccable record of zero failures in his services to the country, to help him understand what or who they are facing, and form a contingency and retaliatory offensive response plan. Jack will lead the efforts of the largest joint force of Intelligence and investigative resources ever formed to mitigate the damage caused and find those responsible.

They cannot, however, suspect that perhaps "The Day America Was Subdued," as it would later be known, would be but the first link in a chain that could lead to global annihilation. The end... of the human race and of life as we conceive it.

Marcel Pujol, in his Opera Prima, and which constitutes his eleventh published title, guides us along a path of madness and destruction in which there are a few humans who are sensitive to the flows of energies and interconnections between the different planes of the multiverse, which can be channeled with the purpose of bringing to our plane and our planet Earth, grotesque creatures as well as deadly (demons, salamanders, sylphs and Virtues) that will do whatever their summoner orders in order to return to their dimension.

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