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FBI Hynreck and the Montana Fishing Club - Vol. 1

FBI Hynreck and the Montana Fishing Club 1

Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 119742
Páginas: 364
ePub libro
ISBN: 9798223191094

Myra, Senator Lawrence's eldest daughter, committed suicide in a classroom at the SAHISICA Boarding School (Sant Andrews of the Hills Institute for Self-Improvement and Catholic Achievements), of which little is known about its inner workings, except that the graduates are who will lead the United States in the next generation.

Agent Hynreck of the FBI, a former legend of the agency, to the point of having been considered in his time to occupy the Directorship of the Bureau and now fallen into disgrace and alcoholism, will be summoned by an anonymous letter to be the one to unravel the mystery behind that a young woman who seemed to have it all took her life in such a spectacular way.

The young and energetic Special Agent Henshaw in charge of Hynreck as his superior officer and babysitter, faces the double task of trying to unravel if behind the almost impossible death of the Sahisican inmate there is something more to investigate, and if Hynreck has something to do with it.

On the other hand, two sects with the same goals and opposite methodologies, the Corpus Christi and the Templars, dispute the fate of the World Order as if it was on chess board.

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