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Una and the dragon

Una and the dragon



Idioma: Idioma: en inglés
Palabras: 15000
Páginas: 35
ePub libro mobi libro

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This is a story about a princess who carefully abides by the rules to protect herself and her people and about a dragon without a name who crashes into her castle. 

Following a voice that woke her up and wishing to understand her enemy even better, the princess decides to keep the dragon alive and in close quarters, waiting for the best moment to strike. Following a voice that downed her and wishing to comprehend the mystery of a willing captive, the dragon accepts her fate and remains hopeful of an unexpected end for someone of her kind.

This is a story about sharing a frail roof, and choosing whether to tear it down or to uphold it.

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  • solomon little
    por solomon little · 24/abr/2019
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    Este contenido contiene spoilers. Si deseas verlo haz click aquí
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